The Role of Government Funding for Community-based Organization

The community-based organizations depend on grass root funders to meet the needs that arise in the company. The other types of funding come in as complimentary to the grass-root funders. This means that the main funders are the foundation of the enterprise. It is important to note that lack of funders for community-based companies is detrimental. The main funders differ for each body. This depends on their role in the community. The federal government mainly supports some of the organizations including prisons. United States Penitentiary (USP) Lompoc is one of these companies. USP Lompoc is a medium sized prison for inmates in California. The prison is governed under the department of justice by the Federal Bureau of Prisons. The government is a primary funder of the prison. This funding has been cut short because of diverse reasons. USP Lompoc is facing damaging challenges to the organization for this reason. Some events have been highlighted in the company. The issues in the prison are highlighted below;

Challenges at USP Lompoc
• There is a fight that broke in the prison, and twelve people were injured including a security guard.
• There has been the closure of a security boot camp that has led to the transfer of extremely violent prisoners to other prisons where there is maximum security.
• The is an expected reduction in the number of people who serve at the prison. This is because the number of prisoners is changing as well.

The government funding has been reduced because of the transfer of other prisoners to a maximum prison cell. USP Lompoc is a medium sized prison that has medium security. The security is facilitated through a satellite that is controlled by the Federal Bureau of Prisons. This enables the guards to have an easy time because there is a shared responsibility. The prisoners are kept in their cells at all time in order to facilitate the security measures of the prison.

USP Lompoc has a website where the families of the inmates can get information about their loved ones. This website gives an opportunity for the families of the prisons to bank money for the inmates. It is also a form of communication between them and their families. The transfer of prisoners from USP Lompoc will affect the website because new inmates will need new accounts and the prisoners who will land in the maximum-security prison will have their accounts deactivated. The resources for the sentenced inmates will also have transfers because some of it will be irrelevant as a result of the transfer. The governments should ensure that the transfer is safe for the guards and all prisoners. This will prevent further cases as a result of the transfer. The government should establish laws that show how and when the government reduces the funding of the prisons that experience changes. This is because it will reduce the negative effects that it has on the organization and the people dedicated to working in these organizations.

The department should set aside a group of individuals who will develop a strategic plan for evacuating the prisoners. This will reduce the responsibilities on the team that is working directly at the prison. It will influence the whole process positively, and some of the problems that arise from the change will be resolved.

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