Route 1 Closed for Repairs – Temporary Economy Impact

Anytime a road is closed for repairs; it has quite an impact on the people that live in the area or many drives that road each day. For some, it could make their commute to work longer, it can increase traffic, or it can make getting anywhere more arduous. For businesses, it can mean days without customers, or even days closed that could be spent working. It could cause a slowing of the business and even a money loss. In California, the closing of a major highway called Route 1, or California Highway 1, is a major issue while the repairs were underway.

What Kind of Repairs?
Santa Barbara County Sheriff issued a statement describing the repairs of Route 1 in earlier this year when the planning for the repairs began. The repairs initially consisted of resurfacing and other roadwork elements that must be done to ensure the safety of travelers on the northbound lane. The repairs covered an twenty-five-mile stretch of the road, which had some negative effects on travelers, employees, and even the average person just trying to get from point A to point B.

How Long Will They Take?
From the report written by the Sheriffs Department, California residents and travelers expected these repairs to take quite some time. In fact, the repairs are going to be so intense that the state decided to shut down this portion of the road for 24 hours each day, seven days a week. The duration of the repairs and closing of the road were expected between August 18, 2017 through May 2, 2018. Because of this long duration, it will have quite an impact on businesses, travelers, and employees.

What Impact Did They Have?
According to Wikipedia, Route 1 runs from I-5 in Dana Point into US-101 near Leggett, covering the entire state of California on the west coast. Though it is 655 miles long, the closure of the eight-mile stretch has quite the impact on the people who lived along this stretch of the road and the economy as well.

On the People
For the people who lived along this stretch of the highway that was closed down due to the repairs, it must’ve been quite the struggle. They were forced to take a detour that rerouted them back to the CA. 1. Those who lived in Lompoc had to rearrange their schedules to ensure that they made it to their destinations on time. For those who were traveling during this time, their plans had to be changed to counter in the traffic and the detour that was required along the highway.

On the Economy
The impact that this road closure had on the economy was enough to rethink ever having another road closure like this. Businesses along this stretch of the road no doubt lost many customers during the closure. With Route 1 being a widely traveled road, businesses used this to their advantage, and with the roads closed, it altered sales, which altered buying, which altered the economy in this part of California.

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